Production and Distribution - Canada

HorseLake Bio-Products Inc. (HLBP), Alberta

HLBP is a licensed production and manufacturing location located north of Hythe Alberta. Commercial operations began in June of 2022 and HLBP will operate as a point-of-sale pick-up for commercial and regional agricultural and reclamation needs. HLBP produces the full suite of agricultural and reclamation products.  HLBP is open Monday-Friday from 830-530, commercial pick-ups evenings and weekends can be scheduled by appointment.  For additional information, product availability and pricing please contact or

Bio Energy Solutions Inc. (BESi), Alberta

BESi is the parent company, located in Edmonton Alberta. The Edmonton operation provides sales and distribution support to HLBP and our US facilities and sales teams.  BESi is proud to provide 100% organic products for agriculture, horticulture, turf and reclamation.  For information on product pricing sales and purchases please contact us via or

Bio Energy Solutions Inc. is currently looking for retail and commercial garden centers to carry our products and offer refill services to our customers.  Our refill service allows your customers to reuse and refill their original container at your location.

If you are interested in carrying our products or would like more information about our products or growth and opportunities in other markets please contact our Marketing and Sales Director


BESi will be utilizing the extensive Amazon platform in 2022 to support shipping to across Canada for home gardeners, small retail carriers.  

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