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BESi’s manufacturing facilities called Energy Junctions (EJ) are based on a unique integrated biorefinery (IBR) system. Our unique IBR allows for flexibility and use of unwanted biomass waste as fuel to power the operation while the excess power is directed as power to nearby infrastructure, buildings, greenhouses, etc. with options for micro grid and grid integration. The EJs are therefore self-sustaining, utilizing heat generated and sequestering carbon dioxide to support the cultivation of nutrient rich microalgae. The products produced in the natural biodegrading processes found in our EJs contain high levels of organic carbon and biostimulants that support the soil nutrients that soil and plants require to thrive.

Our small footprint and decentralized operational approach targets regional markets, using regional waste, in a carbon negative facility. The Energy Junction Facilities are true closed loop systems, where in each element of the system, the output of one becomes the input of another.

Safe for People, Pets, & Pollinators Safe for All Terrestrial & Aquatic Environments

  • All-Natural & Organic
  • Pollinator friendly
  • No Chemical or artificial additives
  • Not Harmful to humans or animals
  • No leaching or chemical residues

Our Products

REGENiSYS enhances the plants ability to uptake the available nutrient load in the soil. It improves soil fertility, water retention/infiltration, and increases tolerance to environmental stressors. As a result, REGENiSYS stimulates and accelerates plant growth throughout all stages. Seeds germinate faster, plants grow thicker and denser roots, and foliage and fruit growth is enhanced.

High concentrations of amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, & humates (humic & fulvic acids) delivered directly to the roots and leaves. Humic and fulvic acids are key to enhance nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. REGENiSYS is produced from our anaerobically digested algae infused with our organic biochar.

This highly porous product becomes an ideal habitat for microorganisms and a perfect environment for the plant’s root zone. As the microbial population builds with the help of REGENiSYS, plant root systems expand and strengthen, increasing water and nutrient uptake, all while reducing harmful waste from the soil. Premium-grade organic biochar is inoculated with REGENiSYS and aims to restore carbon levels and nutrients in the soil. 

reSET (wood vinegar) is a very versatile product. It is absorbed through different parts of the plants such as roots, trunks, and leaves, strengthening the plants and brightening leaf, flower, and fruit pigments as well as increasing resistance to pests and diseases. 

In high concentrations, reSET is also used as a weed, pest, and mold control as well as a soil pH adjuster for remediation and reclamation.

reSET is produced from sustainable organic wood biomass and is 100% raw high quality pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar) with no additives or preservatives.

reZONE increases the chemical uptake for the purpose of phytoremediation, boosts microbial activity and chemical absorption in bioremediation and assists in water treatment processes. reZONE’s primary market is soil remediation, reclamation and soil recovery programs. reZONE is a hybrid of our products, designed to target poor quality soils and water.

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